I’ve been waiting about 25 years to have my own child to take to Edaville Railroad for the holiday festival, and this was the year. Thanks to a patient husband and good friends who put up with my quest to relive my childhood, we spent a chilly but enjoyable evening riding the train, checking out the carousel, and, of course, meeting Santa. We did discover that Noah prefers his wooden horses stationary – Nathan had to rescue him shortly after that photo was taken.


Brave New Spoon

This morning, Noah took another step towards big-person-hood. He is still a few weeks shy of six months old, but we thought he might be ready for a spoon. Our first clue was when he took my bagel the other day. So we strapped him in the highchair and made our first batch of rice cereal. We think he approves.

A new view of the world

It turns out that being able to sit up gives you a whole new perspective. Noah still needs some help getting himself into a sitting position, but once he’s there, he can amuse himself with his toys all on his own.


Of course, life isn’t all playtime. At five months old, Noah has started to take on some household chores.


And after all that work and play, a baby can’t help but get dirty. Of course, Noah’s new trick – turning on and off the faucet in the sink – means that the bath in this photo may be the last of the sink baths. It might be time for the real tub.


And then, a nap. Remember how small he used to look in that swing? Not only does he now fill it up quite nicely, he has mastered the trick of pulling on the fishies to turn the music on all by himself.


Falling Back

We changed the clocks this morning, but I’m not sure anyone told Noah. He was up at his usual time this morning, despite it being Sunday and an hour earlier.

He had a fantastic Halloween, dressed as the Green and Speckled Frog. He attended a party at Nathan’s office, the Milton Academy Lower School parade, and helped us hand out candy, making for a pretty busy frog.


He’s also adjusting to the change in seasons – wearing a coat when you leave the house takes some getting used to. Still, it helps to have an exceptionally cute coat.


He’s also finally tall enough (2 feet, 2 inches at his checkup last Friday) to do some serious jumping in his Jumperoo.


Happy November to all!

October weekend

Sunday was gorgeous, if unseasonably warm and we spent some of it outside. Daycare tells us that Noah really likes playing in the leaves out on their playground. We don’t have leaves, just pine needles, but we did enjoy the sunny weather out on the needles.


Later that day, we left our pine needles behind and went to the playground for the first time! Noah isn’t old enough for much beyond the baby swings, but Nathan and I had fun pushing him back and forth and watching the older children play. I suspect we’ll be seeing more of this park in the years to come.

After the park, we were pretty tired, so we came home to read some books. Reading is interesting, sometimes so interesting that Noah forgets he’s sitting up. Falling isn’t so bad when you’re only two feet tall though – the ground is nice and close.


Evenings at our house

We don’t really have a bedtime ritual yet, but there are some evening activities that seem to be turning into traditions around here. Once Noah is in his PJs (preferably fuzzy PJs with feet, as long as it is cold enough) he likes to cuddle up with us and listen to music or stories. He gets very serious while Nathan plays the guitar – he never cries, but listens very intently, brow furrowed. I wish I knew what he was thinking.

He is getting into board books as well. I’m not sure he likes the actual story part, but he likes the cadence of the words, the way the readers chest moves as they speak, and he loves to turn pages. I’m getting reacquainted with some of my favorite board books – Barnyard Dance, Goodnight Moon, Sheep in a Jeep, Is Your Mama a Llama…


October days

This has been a crisp fall weekend, perfect for getting sweaters out of the attic, lighting a fire in the fireplace and visiting the pumpkin patch! Our newest milestone is outgrowing our bucket carseat – this photo is the last outing before the installation of the enormous new seat, since Noah is now a whopping 27 inches tall. We were on our way to Nihtila Farm, where we introduced Noah to the joys of pumpkin patches. He was mostly interested in the dirt, and in grabbing at the long grasses that grow all around the pumpkins. We’re cooking down a sugar pumpkin as I write, although Noah isn’t old enough to partake in the pumpkin-y goodness this year.



I brought my camera to Noah’s naming ceremony on Sunday, but I didn’t actually take it out of the diaper bag. Hopefully the family of the other baby being named got some ceremony pictures.

I did get a few photos back at the house. Noah was especially impressed by his new Noah’s Ark book and by some crinkly tissue paper that a gift came wrapped in. Any day with crinkly paper is a banner day.