The Handyman

One thing I’d forgotten about the first year in a new house – the number of trips to Home Depot. First it was the paint, and then the numerous trips for forgotten paint accessories. Then stain, as we refinished our way through the bedroom doors. Tonight, we’re in the market for materials to replace the back steps. Noah, however, is hoping this is the day he gets to drive the big orange forklift.

A Little Yardwork

Our new house came with much more of a garden then we’ve ever had before and Nathan and I are at a bit of a loss when it comes to caring for it. Luckily, Noah is on top of the situation. He’s a champion waterer, weeder, and now, wheelbarrow rider.

Saturday morning

Noah and I made a batch of orange play dough this morning. I’d forgotten the distinctive salty smell of warm salt dough.

At first, Noah wasn’t sure what to do with this strange substance. After watching me for a few moments, though, he made a discovery. Rolled into a ball, it makes an excellent projectile.

School days

My students don’t return to school for another week, but I’ve been setting up my classroom this week. That means Noah went back to school this Monday, new lunchbox in hand. Today, the daily sheet from his teachers tells us that he ‘milked a cow’ – once he learns to talk, I need to ask him for details on this one….


Now that he can (almost) walk, Noah has discovered that he really likes playgrounds. There are slides to slide down (and climb up), swings to swing on, lots of great handholds to help a toddler along, and best of all, big kids to watch. As soon as he is dressed in the morning, he gets his hat and heads to the door, pointing outside just in case we aren’t quite sure what he’d like to do next.


Being able to choose his own book off the shelf and to turn the pages whenever he wants to has made looking at books a lot more interesting. Current favorites include “Brown Bear”, “Barnyard Dance”, and, regrettably, “Thomas The Tank: A Noisy Surprise”.


Noah is almost ready to trade his two naps in for one, but some days the morning is just too much. A train trip to the city to play with bubbles at the Children’s Museum can prove a little too exhausting.


And of course, there are still problems with the paparazzi. It’s tough being 1.


Summer days

Noah is a busy toddler this summer, between moving out of his old house, traveling, and attending functions. He isn’t quite walking yet, but he is climbing – somehow, I always assumed walking would come first. He has gone from tiny baby to funny, charming toddler in the blink of an eye and pat of this transformation seems to mean that he can never, ever sit still. Still, on occasion, he manages to find time to kick back and enjoy a smoothie.


On the Train

We just came back from a weekend away, and I have to say that Noah the toddler is a little more complicated to travel with than Noah the newborn. Even so, he was a good sport about trains, hotels, parties, and strangers. He clearly likes cocktail hours, room service, and the train departure board, but isn’t so sure about all that extra time in the carseat.

At some point, I should post some birthday photos, because Noah had a wonderful birthday, but for now, here’s a glimpse at how we spent our weekend.