At not even three months old, Noah is becoming quite the traveler. Our most recent adventure was 5 days camping at Wells State Park in Sturbridge, MA. Noah took to camping like a pro, hanging out by the fire, staring at the tall trees and sparkling water, and hanging out with family.


Check out the rest of the photos in the camping album by clicking on the image below:


Two Months!

Two months ago, we were in the hospital, waiting to meet Noah. Now it is impossible to imagine our lives before him. At two months old, he knows how to cram a few fingers, or on a really lucky day, a thumb into his mouth to comfort himself. He can smile, coo, and once or twice has even graced us with his laugh. He studies the world intently, trying to figure out how he can interact with it.


He loves his swings, even though this one is still a little too big for him. The motion shot here is blurry, but the expression on his face is priceless.


His first big travel adventure was this weekend, and he charmed everyone along the way. The train was the ideal way to travel – we got to play all the way to Philadelphia!

He smiles!

Just as he turned six weeks old, Noah mastered his most endearing trick yet – he smiles! Along with the smiles come coos, and a sweet adoring gaze. However, all this love is not generally aimed at his parents. No, he reserves his best smiles and coos for his best friend – Mr. Ladybug.

Five weeks in the world

This week brings even more adventures for Noah. He met a number of cousins this week, from both sides of the family. It was his Dubin cousins, however, who procured this giant pink cat for him at Dave and Busters. If you look closely, you can see one of the actual resident cats hanging out just above Noah’s new friend. He’s also been trying to figure out tummy time and enjoying some quality time hanging out with Dad in the evenings. He’s an amazingly laid back little guy, and we can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by!


One month…

Tomorrow, Noah will be one month old. I’m amazed by how much he has grown and changed, even in this short time. From the quiet little bundle that was placed in my arms a month ago, he is starting to be a little person, with opinions, interests and moods. He has much more alert time now, when he stares at us with big round eyes and expects to be amused – no more just laying him in the bassinet whenever he isn’t eating. I love him in these moods.


The many faces of transportation

Noah is a baby on the go. Not content to stay home, he has visited several fine local restaurants, made a few trips to consult with his pediatrician, taken some walks around the neighborhood, and met up with some of the local babies at our new mom’s group. Not all modes of transport are created equally, however. As you can see, Noah is a big fan of the hugabub sling, but finds the stroller much more concerning. The carseat (no good photo yet) is equally worrisome, unless the car is moving at a nice clip, preferably on a road without red lights or stop signs.


Two weeks old!

This past Saturday, Noah celebrated two weeks on the planet by meeting some of his Sitkoff relatives and having his first bath.  A much cleaner Noah (thanks to his grandmother and aunt) now weighs nine pounds, eight ounces and has found his first best friend – Mr. Bunny.  Mr. Bunny lives suspended above Noah’s bouncy chair, and as you can tell from the photos, is a source of both joy and concern to Noah.  Who is this mysterious bunny?  How did he get up there?  What makes him dance for me?



A week in the life…

A few more photos of Noah, now 9 days old. He’s starting to be more alert when he’s awake, letting us get a good look at his big hazel eyes. He met his Uncle Nate and Aunt Taryn this weekend and is looking forward to meeting some relatives from his Dad’s side this coming weekend – he’s very content to accept the adoration of everyone who sees him.



Welcome Noah

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Noah Lyle Sitkoff, on June 2, 2007 at 1:22pm. At birth, he measured 21.5 inches long and weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces. Everyone involved is healthy, happy, and thrilled to be home and together as a family. More details to come, but for now, a few photos: