A trip

Has it really been a month since I last updated? Time flies when you are watching a little boy grow up!

Anyway, we took a trip to the Boston Children’s Museum with friends a few weeks ago and Noah had a blast. I was surprised – I thought he was way too young. He liked the crawling babies area well enough, but he loved hanging with the big kids out in the main museum even more. A whole giant world where he’s allowed to crawl wherever he wants and touch everything – how much better could things get?


Eight months old

The most noticeable thing about Noah at eight months old is how fast everything changes. One day, he stays in the middle of the kitchen floor where I put him down, the next, he crawls to the door to follow the cat. When I look at him now, I see both my tiny baby and the toddler he’s going to become. He wants to be a part of everything we do, and is happiest when he feels like he is part of the action.

Here he is helping unload the groceries, joining the family for a meal, helping to feed the cats, and hanging out with his toys.


Snow Day

Noah’s first experience with snow was at daycare. During the first snow of the year, one of his teachers brought a tub of snow inside for the babies to touch. She reported back to us that Noah was not a fan. Nevertheless, since today is the first snow day of the school year, we decided to test this theory for ourselves. The results:


Perhaps snow is more fun once you know how to walk. For now, Noah is spending his snow day happily inside, uninterested in the cold white stuff outside the window.

Happy Hanukkah

We lit the last candles of Noah’s first Hanukkah earlier this week, and I think it is safe to say he’s a fan. Flames to watch, singing, guests – this is his kind of holiday. Add in a few small gifts, and what isn’t to like?


Actually, it turns out there is one thing not to like – sweet potatoes. We thought they might make a nice latke alternative, but Noah was not willing to consume them. He did, however, decide that they make excellent art materials.



I like to cook and Noah likes to hang out with me while I do whatever it is I’m doing. That leads to Noah helping me cook, which isn’t always the safest of endeavors. However, now that he’s old enough to sit in his high chair, we have a way to hang out in the kitchen together. He requires his own tools of course – he takes his kitchen work very seriously. Kitchen implements are great for both banging and chewing on. Today, we made a double batch of these muffins. He enjoyed it, but was disappointed to find out he’s not old enough to help eat them!



I’ve been waiting about 25 years to have my own child to take to Edaville Railroad for the holiday festival, and this was the year. Thanks to a patient husband and good friends who put up with my quest to relive my childhood, we spent a chilly but enjoyable evening riding the train, checking out the carousel, and, of course, meeting Santa. We did discover that Noah prefers his wooden horses stationary – Nathan had to rescue him shortly after that photo was taken.


Brave New Spoon

This morning, Noah took another step towards big-person-hood. He is still a few weeks shy of six months old, but we thought he might be ready for a spoon. Our first clue was when he took my bagel the other day. So we strapped him in the highchair and made our first batch of rice cereal. We think he approves.

A new view of the world

It turns out that being able to sit up gives you a whole new perspective. Noah still needs some help getting himself into a sitting position, but once he’s there, he can amuse himself with his toys all on his own.


Of course, life isn’t all playtime. At five months old, Noah has started to take on some household chores.


And after all that work and play, a baby can’t help but get dirty. Of course, Noah’s new trick – turning on and off the faucet in the sink – means that the bath in this photo may be the last of the sink baths. It might be time for the real tub.


And then, a nap. Remember how small he used to look in that swing? Not only does he now fill it up quite nicely, he has mastered the trick of pulling on the fishies to turn the music on all by himself.