minecraft camp 2017

This week’s minecraft camp is awesome! We have already uncovered diamonds and and have an enchanting table. Also one of my fellow campers built a cobblestone wall around the entire town. We are even building tunnels under our town so we can move around within the town and outside the town undectected. My house has a bottom with my tunnel room and crafting room which has a furnace and a crafting table. ┬áMy upstairs roof and walls are made of glass (the floor is made of wooden planks) and it is my storage/bedroom. Also we have secret entrances in the lake to get to places.

this week’s focus on world history

This week we have been reading about world history some of my favorite events are in the time of Roman Empire, My favorite Roman Emperor was Octavian because he built cool things. I didn’t really like the middle ages, mostly because I am not a huge fan of knights in shining armor and tight castles walls and because it was mostly in constant chaos. Finally I think one of the coolest things that the Romans did was to build aqueducts because they are really cool and bring water from rivers to cities, just like today’s piping system.